Anxiety is rife
By Ivan Rose

Anxiety is rife

An astonishing 275 million people globally were reported to be suffering from anxiety-related issues in 2016, many of whom have depression. Anxiety in children is on the increase with a reported 1 in every 9 children now seeking help for an anxiety disorder. How many more are suffering in silence? In my practice, virtually everyone I see is suffering an anxiety-related disorder and 30% of all new clients are children, which is what had led me to start this group. My goal is to create more awareness and to offer practical advice and help to those in need.
Here are some symptoms to watch out for in children suffering from an anxiety-related disorder:
Overly worrying or having negative thoughts.- Difficulty in concentrating – Nail biting
Not sleeping, or waking up with bad dreams. Not eating properly-
Becoming easily angry or irritable – Being tense and fidgety – Avoidance of school – Being constantly sick with nausea and stomach upset. Hesitation and nervousness –