Avoiding avoidance
By Ivan Rose

Avoiding avoidance

A common problem for anxiety sufferers is avoidance. Avoiding situations can feel like relief but this is a false belief as it will only be a temporary one and will make things worse in the long -run.

Did you know?
1. When you use avoidance you strengthen the power of the avoidance and just end up avoiding more things and situations.

2. Avoiding things and situations will make you feel worse about yourself – further lowering your self- esteem and confidence

3. By avoiding, you are potentially creating a much bigger situation that in the end may not be on your terms or in your control.

4. If you are not going forward – you are going backward. Anxiety doesn’t stay still – it manifests.

So what can you do about it?

1. Know 100% that Avoidance of Avoidance is the worse thing you can do (Unless there is a safety issue involved)

2. Start to confront the avoidance by taking the first step – The first step is always the most difficult. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

3. Don’t think of the situation as a whole but break it down by creating achievable targets on a daily basis – even if they are small. Just taking dolly steps will give you a feel-good factor and that is great progression.

5. Don’t be frightened to ask for help. It is essential to have support, and know that the people in your life that want to help you also feel rewarded.

6. Create and use affirmations that you can say out loud to yourself while you are confronting your anxiety.