A better understanding of mental health?

There is much confusion about the phrase and meaning of “mental health.” Most of us struggle to understand the difference between mental health issues, mental health disorders, or psychotic mental health disorders, and psychotic mental health illnesses.

What I discovered?

After many years of practice, I decided to write a book (Hello Future Goodbye Past) now published on Amazon, but I realized something profound as I almost finished the book


Transference Whenever we meet someone, we give and receive what is known as Transference. It is a two-way subliminal projection of energy that provides us with a feeling about the other person. When we meet someone we have never met before we make our minds up as to whether we like or dislike them. We […]

Struggling with critical influence?

If you have friends, colleagues, partners or family members that are always judging or telling you what you should or shouldn’t do or that you are crazy, stupid or foolish every time you mention your plans or desires then you are living with Critical control. Critical control is a form of bullying and it can […]

Developing children for balanced adulthood

  1. Use a NURTURING style of parenting instead of a CRITICAL style – Examples Critical – Be careful – your going to fall and have an accident. Look what you are doing – you’re doing t all wrong. Give it here, I will do it properly Nurturing: You can do it, you’re doing great, […]

The Three Stage Rules of Success

  The three-stage rule is something that came to me after observing how many of us focus on achieving our goals, aspirations or dreams but fail to consider how to get there and the other ingredients that are required for it to work successfully. Wishing or hoping to achieve your goals, alone will not help […]

Taking things personally

When someone does or says something hurtful, dishonest or critical to us, we often take it personally which can be really upsetting, affecting us deeply, knocking our confidence and causing us feelings of sadness or low self-worth. This can be very damaging to our mental wellbeing. We must not allow others to have this type […]


Are you living with a phobia? If you are not sure then answer the following questions to find out. Do you feel an overwhelming fear of an object, place, feeling, living creature or situation? (please don’t say your wife, husband or children) Do you go out of your way to avoid an object, place, feeling, […]

Repression awareness

Ever wondered why some people get upset over something someone else is doing when it has nothing to do whatsoever with them…? Unless it’s a criminal act or dangerous to others, what right do any of us have to get upset because someone else is doing something we do not like. When someone loses it […]

The mistake of Generalising

When someone has a problem or a difficult situation and is asked what’s wrong and they reply “everything” or “everyone”… This type of generalising makes things so much worse in our minds because of course, it can’t be everything or everyone. It’s a sign of being overwhelmed when in reality it is often just down […]