When people suffer depression it really means that there is a core pain within. This underlying problem needs addressing. I have found a combination of Hypnoanalysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy gives the best results.

What is super important is that someone suffering depression does not take ownership of it. They must look at it as a “temporary situation that they are experiencing: (like flu of the mind) rather than thinking its something they are afflicted with. When we take on board ownership of depression we attach stronger to it and this causes more anxiety and feelings of helplessness.

Holding things internally is a problem for those suffering from depression and low moods so it is imperative to release one’s emotions. this can be done using a Havening technic. Rub your arms from the top of your shoulders to the elbow with crossed arms and vent. Say whatever you are thinking or feeling until it subsides daily or write yourself no- send letters to remove these stored emotions and feelings.