Holding on to Feelings
By Ivan Rose

Holding on to Feelings

Holding on to feelings of sadness, upset, fear and anger from past events is a common problem, especially for sensitive people and very unpleasant to live with. Here is a great way to shift these feelings to give you some closure.

Firstly, Know that for every bad experience, there is ALWAYS positive learning to be had, regardless of how awful the event was or felt.

Find yourself a quiet space and sit comfortably. Imagine yourself hovering over your own body looking down on yourself from above. While watching yourself, replay the incident that caused the anguish in your mind.

Then ask yourself what it was you learned about the event. Find the learning, acknowledge the learning and say out loud to yourself- Thank you for the learning and I release this experience with love.

It may feel difficult but forgiveness is essential for closure and the release of the anxiety the memory causes. Use this technic separately for each negative memory.

Remember this: When projecting your anger, bitterness, and resentment towards others – Dig two graves One for them and one for yourself.