Love is the essential ingredient of any relationship – but is it enough?

If you want longevity of happiness, then it’s not. Love without continued respect, kindness, support, acceptance, or consideration will eventually break down.

When we are in a relationship that we want to last, whether it be our partner, children, friends, or family members, it must be conditional on reciprocation. We must work at it because love is not a one-way street, so we must value those who value us and be valued by those that we value.

It is also imperative that we have respect for the other person’s needs and desires. We will very likely motorize an action that is heavy on our minds or that we feel strongly about doing. So if your loved one really loves to do something and you go all out to stop them, assuming it is not harmful, illegal, or disloyal, you will build resentment. And resentment will likely lead to a breakdown in a relationship. With agreed imitations, we should allow our loved ones to fulfill their desires and hobbies with, of course, balance and consideration for other people’s needs.

Suppose you say derogatory or hurtful things that are over and above. In that case, you are chipping away at the other person’s respect for you, and this, of course, will lead to a breakdown and ultimately separation or a miserable relationship.

One of the common mistakes that many couples make is committing to things like marriage, children, pets, or buying a home together based on attraction alone. When we make long-term decisions with a partner, we should ensure that it is not based solely on emotion but on logic, using facts and evidence. Good decision-making requires looking at the bigger picture. We need not just attraction but compatibility, having things in common, and wanting the same things in the future, as it is unlikely to last without these ingredients. Prevention is always better than cure.