There are hundreds of phobias and too many to list. The most common is spiders (Arachnophobia)  which much more common in woman than men. Other common phobias are heights, (Acrophobia) Fear of open or crowded spaces (Agoraphobia). Fear of dogs (Cynophobia) Fear of confined space (Claustrophobia) Fear of germs (Mysophobia) Fear of flying (Aerophobia) and the list goes on and on.

Living with a phobia or many phobias can be very uncomfortable and life-limiting. Those living with phobias will use avoidance to avoid situations. The problem is that it becomes worse and often can become more than one phobia if not treated.

Example of how a phobia can increase its grip on you.

Let’s say you were bitten by a dog and then you develop a phobia. You start to cross the road when you see them and then you start to avoid places like parks where there might be dogs and then you start to notice that they are everywhere so you start to avoid going out.

Phobias are often caused by an event that has traumatised you at some point in your life. You may not even remember it. Something as simple as a horror movie can cause this. The most recent one is the fear of clowns or there was the fear of sharks from the movie Jaws.