Are you living with a phobia?

If you are not sure then answer the following questions to find out.

Do you feel an overwhelming fear of an object, place, feeling, living creature or situation? (please don’t say your wife, husband or children)

Do you go out of your way to avoid an object, place, feeling, living creature or situation?

Do you get feelings of freezing, wanting to escape or worrying that you might have a panic attack, heart attack or faint if you come into contact with that object, place feeling, situation or living creature?

If you are living with a phobia don’t worry you’re not alone because there are a reported 10 million people in the UK and a further 32 million in the USA suffering phobias. That’s a staggering 42 million people in just two countries.

It appears that most sufferers are unaware that phobias are highly fixable because who would live with blight otherwise – right!

This good news means that there is no need to live with the difficulties and restrictions that phobia causes.

One thing to know is that phobias will not go away on their own without help.

Live your best life!

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