Repression awareness
By Ivan Rose

Repression awareness

Ever wondered why some people get upset over something someone else is doing when it has nothing to do whatsoever with them…?
Unless it’s a criminal act or dangerous to others, what right do any of us have to get upset because someone else is doing something we do not like. When someone loses it with another person for no logical reason it means that they are unable to manage their own feelings. Road rage is just one example of this but there are many.
This type of irrational behaviour is a clear sign that they are carrying “Emotional repression”.
Emotional repressions are stuck emotions caused by past events that were traumatically stored in their subconscious mind, causing feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear…
Every emotion has a motion and these emotions become motorised in our behaviours, actions, and habits.
With therapy, it is a very fixable problem, yet many walk around this planet for years and sometimes for life thinking it’s just the way they are when they could be living a much calmer more content life.