Taking things personally
By Ivan Rose

Taking things personally

When someone does or says something hurtful, dishonest or critical to us, we often take it personally which can be really upsetting, affecting us deeply, knocking our confidence and causing us feelings of sadness or low self-worth. This can be very damaging to our mental wellbeing.

We must not allow others to have this type of control over our emotions. Understand now, that negative behaviours or words directed at us are always about the other person and not you.

Others see things from their own perspective, learnings, feelings, and experiences. Their behaviour and words are based on their beliefs – Let’s say someone is accusing you of being dishonest or deceitful and it’s not true, this is because they think dishonestly and deceitful themselves.

If someone rejects you, it is because something is going on for them that you are not aware of and is about them -not you.

If someone constantly puts you down – this is because they have low self-worth, anger or jealousy within them. Be aware that you will not be the only one they are treating like this.

When you perceive something as critical or hurtful, use this opportunity for self-growth and not self-destruction. It’s an opportunity to remove or distance yourself from people that cause you feelings of low self-worth. Analyse the criticism and use it as positive learning for your own gain -to reflect, learn and change.

Celebrities, pop stars, politicians and others in the public eye have to deal with this on a daily basis. They do not take it personally.

Kind people do not treat others badly and express criticism constructively not destructively.

Do not allow others to spread their misery on to you.