Panick attacks & Anxiety

"Wow - What a difference a few weeks can make! I went to Ivan struggling massively with Panic Attacks and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I was off work and struggling to leave the house, I was a shadow of my former self and terrified of almost everything and everybody and suffering from burnout. 3 months later I am better than I ever was before and that is thanks to Ivan and his wonderful Hypnotherapy and CBT. I am back at work, more confident than ever and the future is bright again. Someone like Ivan whom can do that for an individual is absolutely worth their weight in gold! Ivan thank you for helping me not only get my life back but improve it tenfold!! You are a wonderful caring man, within a calming environment. "

Michaela Southampton

Adult Anxiety

"A very professional Hypnotherapist and with that i experienced significant changes in a short period of time, with support there when it was needed, totally recommend anyone to overcome any of the most stressful life experiences or issues."

Eddie Southampton

Counselling and Life coaching

"Ivan has been very helpful in my emotional reassement, and has led me to the realisation that past trauma can be overcome and released by focusing on the power I have to initiate changes in the way I view the world and my place in it. Thanks for your help Ivan, !"

John Southampton


"Ivan has made a big difference on my mental well being. Increased my self esteem and changed my outlook to the whole concept of life. I suffered with anxiety and worried constantly about the future. Now I feel excited about my future and not concerned about challenges as I know I have resources within myself to cope with any situation. Amazing transformation!"

Ram Southampton
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