The Three Stage Rules of Success
By Ivan Rose

The Three Stage Rules of Success


The three-stage rule is something that came to me after observing how many of us focus on achieving our goals, aspirations or dreams but fail to consider how to get there and the other ingredients that are required for it to work successfully.

Wishing or hoping to achieve your goals, alone will not help you achieve them. It’s like saying I am going to own a Ferrari and not figuring out how you will afford and run it. A destination requires a detailed and planned route – without a map, you have little chance of getting there. Just to say I’m going to be.. or I’m going to have is not enough. Another common fault is that people focus on a specific goal believing it will give them more and in doing so overlook the price that comes with it because they leave out the detail that is needed.

One should look at their life goals as a whole and not in part. For example, let’s say you want to be rich and happy. Focusing on just your business and not paying attention or having time for your family or yourself would not be congruent with the overall goal. I have given therapy to many a wealthy person who has invested everything into his business but not into his family albeit they have provided well financially, has ended up depressed and lonely. Or those that haven’t work hard at their job and ended up fired or redundant, or those that abuse their bodies and wonder why they have poor health. There are many examples.

These people have made negative investments into themselves and looked at things in part, not as a whole.

This simple method will help and guide you in achieving your goals, aspirations, and dreams with life balance, break it into 3 stages.

Whatever your goals, dreams or aspirations are: Create a blueprint: You must include all the aspects- not just material possessions, travelling the world or progressing in your career.

Make your blueprint as detailed as possible using the following categories: Material, Career, Financial, Personal, Family, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

Add more detail ie: Type of house, car, how many children, how much money you want, what countries you want to visit, etc …You can modify this anytime as things and situations in life will always evolve and change.

Now you have Stage 3 planned move to Stage 1 – Stage 2 will formulate itself in time.

Everything you do from this moment has a positive or a negative value which is an investment towards achieving or not achieving the lifestyle you desire. Analyse everything you do and stop doing things that are negative or destructive towards your goals.

So whatever it is that you really want, positively invest. No need to put yourself under a time constraint the most important thing is that you progress towards it, even if you take dolly steps.