15 Rules for an easier life
By Ivan Rose

15 Rules for an easier life

Make life easier by following these rules:

1. Don’t second guess ANY outcome because nothing ever happens the same twice

2. Let go of situations when you are powerless- you can’t change it

3. Know that no one is better than you and that you are not better than anyone else – we all have different gifts

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself – YOU are your true best friend

5.Dream about the best outcome, not the worst

6. Use the past as learning, not a punishment

7. Don’t dwell on a problem Dwell on a solution

8. Don’t try to control others – Focus on controlling yourself

9. Don’t be a perfectionist – there is no such thing as true perfection and it only leads to frustration

10. Learn how to recognise a narcissist or a toxic person and stay away from them

11. Base all thoughts on truth and fact not your core beliefs

12. Don’t hold sadness inside – Let it out

13. Never say “this is my problem” Say “this is a problem I am experiencing at the moment”

14. EVERYTHING is temporary -Even life itself

15. Cross each bridge as it comes and manage life in small increments.