Worrying about things that have not happened?
By Ivan Rose

Worrying about things that have not happened?

When something has happened it can never be un-happened. In other words, there is nothing you can do to change past events, but you can change the way you view them. All memories are deleted and distorted which means we only remember pieces. Perhaps you have looked at a photo where you looked happy but when you stopped to think about it, that was not the case as you were actually not feeling good or as happy as you looked that day.

Our memories affect the way we think in the now and so If we remember events in a negative way if will cause us to react negatively with new situations that have similarity, but the truth is that nothing actually ever happens the same again. There is no such thing as groundhog day. Let me repeat that…

The truth is that nothing actually ever happens the same again….

Every happening is different in some way, even if you are doing the exact same thing or task it will not be the same. No two days are ever the same, so how can we predict any outcome. Any prediction is simply just a guess based on previous experience. We always gain learning from every happening, which means that we are actually subconsciously better prepared second time around because of the experience we have gained. If you really think about it you are worried about something that can’t happen again in the same way because nothing does and that you are also better prepared, so predicting or thinking about a negative outcome to something that hasn’t happened is an absolute waste of your time and energy.

Absolutely futile isn’t it!!!

When something does go wrong though, it is good to analyse which part you played in it because when you realise what part you played in it you no longer have to wonder if it might happen again as you can do something about it next time.

Then ask yourself how easily will you recognise this in the future? And how could you handle this situation differently now?