Stress buster & Anxiety release download (Adult)

This Stress buster & Anxiety release download is a “must-have” for those suffering stress or anxiety and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed and much better able to deal with the day to day struggles and challenges that we all live with.

The build-up of emotion and traumatic events over many years has a detrimental effect on the way we cope, feel and behave. Stress and anxiety are part of life but as the layers build up in our subconscious, life can become overwhelming making us feel anxious, angry, irritable, depressed and suffering low moods. This professional psychotherapy based hypnosis is extremely effective in calming your mind.


                                   Stress buster & Anxiety release download (Child & Teenager)

Children store emotions from difficult situations and experiences which affect their thinking, feelings, and behaviour causing them anxiety, stress, frustration, and tensions. This Child and teenager stressbuster and Anxiety release is a professional psychotherapy based hypnosis which is extremely effective in calming the minds of children.

Fast phobia cure download

There is no need to live with the limitations and challenges a phobia can present on a daily basis and so if you are someone living with an overwhelming fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or living creature  access my “fast phobia cure” audio download here at a fraction of the price, it would cost for you to come and see either myself or another hypnotherapist and you can listen at your own leisure in the comfort of your own home and live without the fears avoidance and difficulties that phobia places on your life.              

More complex issues may require further therapy my downloads may not address any underlying problems

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