A little anxiety is needed for urgency and protection for us to live safely but when we are overly anxious and nervous we will live a very uncomfortable life.
Conquering anxiety is about the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s about learning to develop self-love and self-understanding, becoming self-assured and trusting our decisions and actions.
Self-love has nothing to do with arrogance or thinking that we are better than others, it’s about accepting and valuing ourselves for who we are. In a nutshell, it is about becoming our own best friend! We can’t love others properly if we don’t love ourselves first.
The best therapy is a combination of hypnoanalysis, hypnotherapy, and cognitive behaviour therapy, this is linked to confidence and self-esteem which needs addressing. We are more likely to get other issues such as phobias and habits when we are overly anxious.

When we over analyse or overthink something with anxiety, we end up anticipating the worst or a negative outcome.

When we do this, we are simply guessing or surmising an outcome which is almost always wrong. Doing this will cause nervousness, stress, and avoidance which significantly impacts on our mental well being and quality of life.