The mistake of Generalising
By Ivan Rose

The mistake of Generalising

When someone has a problem or a difficult situation and is asked what’s wrong and they reply “everything” or “everyone”…

This type of generalising makes things so much worse in our minds because of course, it can’t be everything or everyone. It’s a sign of being overwhelmed when in reality it is often just down to one or two specific situations.

We cause ourselves more problems by generalising in this way as we then find it difficult to deal with the problem in hand, which leave us feeling negative and helpless.

If you find yourself saying “everything” or “everyone” when you are experiencing a difficult time, write it down on paper so that you can identify and analyse exactly what the problem is.

Then, when you identify what is wrong you can work out a strategy to deal with it which will reduce the overwhelming worry or concern

Often you will find that one problem is linked to another so solving one also solves others.