What I discovered?
By Ivan Rose

What I discovered?

After many years of practice, I decided to write a book (Hello Future Goodbye Past) now published on Amazon, but I realized something profound as I almost finished the book. It dawned on me that all the clients I had been helping over the years had issues that I could break down to just three parts, and this led me to figure out that there are just three areas to our mental health that we need to focus and work on to develop excellent mental health shape. And they are:

1. Managing and controlling your inner dialogue/self-talk
2. The development of a relationship with yourself for self-acceptance, self-value, and self-trust
3. The removal of stored emotion from past events and experiences that affect you in the now

In concentrating on these aspects of our mental health, we learn to control our feelings, thoughts, and actions, enabling us to create significant change. We then can develop meaningful relationships, inner peace and even create financial and material abundance. With proper learning and attitude, you can pursue and achieve anything you want, but most importantly, you will give yourself a default setting of inner happiness. Good mental health allows us to control our lives rather than our lives controlling us.